Peace of Mind

The five Reiki principles help us achieve peace of mind.
Peace of mind allows us to feel calm and relaxed which permits our body to take better care of itself, having a lower heart rate, higher levels of serotonin and less production of adrenalin.
We are less likely to over-react or compensate for challenging thoughts and feelings by binge eating and drinking or not eating or drinking at all. We are less likely to get involved in difficult situations with people and react in impulsive and unhelpful ways.
Usui’s Reiki Principles are (translated freely from Japanese):
Just for today, I let go of anger.
Just for today, I let go of worry.
Just for today, I’m grateful for all that I have.
Just for today, I do my work honestly.
Just for today, I’m kind to all sentient beings.
Repeating these principles every morning at least three times before we embark on our day’s journey, really helps to achieve peace of mind. Try it out for three weeks and you will notice the change within yourself and the people around you.
Love & Light,
Pamela Joy

Be the kind of person you’d like to meet

We are sending and receiving energy all the time through our thoughts and feelings we project.
If we try to only speak positively about people and choose to avoid talking about people’s flaws and shortcomings because we know that we also make mistakes and aren’t perfect either, we will slowly see a change in behaviour and attitudes towards us.
Some people, the gossipers, will most likely disappear with time, as they enjoy gossiping so much and are caught in their negative circle. They will get bored and frustrated with us, because we no longer take part in their dramas.
And we will attract more genuine and positive people who, in exchange, will make us feel even more positive, joyful and excited about life.
When I was suffering from depression, within a week of moving to a new place, I had attracted other depressed people. Our conversations were mainly about our past experiences and how tough life had been for us. We bathed in self-pity. And for a while that seemed comforting and safe, as I had made “friends” that could empathise with my situation.
However, there came a moment when I realised that our group of people didn’t really seem to want to heal. We were constantly comparing therapies, different types of medication etc and it seemed like a type of competitions at times about who was worse off. Then, all of a sudden, I woke up. I wanted to heal. So I decided to leave that group of people and stopped talking about my “condition”. I surrounded myself with seemingly happier people who had different dialogues and enjoyed different activities. Slowly, I was making new memories and with help of books and meditation, I came out of my dark hole.
I learned a lot about my power of attracting certain types of people, depending on my own state of mind and intentions.
It’s very helpful to have in mind what we’d like to experience and what kind of people we would love to have in our lives.
Be the person you’d want to be with, is the easiest way of putting it, I guess.

The Meaning of Life

The whole point of living is to create and enjoy the world around us, through our senses.
So just for today, DO something you find fulfilling;
SMELL something that makes you feel good all over;
TASTE something you find delicious and makes you go Yummmmm;
LISTEN to your favourite sounds whether birds or some special music, your own heartbeat or somebody’s voice you love to hear.
Wear some clothes that feel great on your skin or sleep under your favourite duvet. Stroke or TOUCH an animal or your loved one (including yourself) in the way it makes you go Ahhhhh (of course with their permission).
LOOK at colours and photos that evoke feelings of joy, laughter and happiness. Or watch a film or go for a walk and look at the natural beauty of nature.
Six little ways that ensure everyday happiness, joy and fulfilment and can’t be bought with money. 🙂
Love & Light, Pamela Joy

Be the Change you want to see – Ghandi

“Be the change you want to see.” Ghandi
How does that translate into our everyday life?
We’ve all experienced situations where people challenge our patience, good will and kindness, whether at work, in our circle of friends or relatives.
It can be very difficult not to take their actions personally and to maintain a higher perspective. Often other people offer their opinion and get involved, suggesting we should defend ourselves and give them a good telling off.
But acting defensively or retaliating isn’t always exactly helpful.
If we want a peaceful and kind environment, we need to act accordingly. Remembering that often there often is a story behind a person’s constant provocative behaviour, a behaviour pattern that might have been learned as a young person or child and that needs to change.
If we follow the same pattern and react as the person expects us to, we’re not actually helping the situation, the person or ourselves. We need to find a different way.
I suggest, if we want them to be kinder to us, we ‘bombard’ them with kindness. This will break their behaviour pattern and, with time, will hopefully create a new one. Talking from my own experience, this works with children and adults. Do the unexpected which will stop them in their tracks or will, at least, provoke some thought about their actions.
Change takes time, so I never expect a 180 degree turn around the next day. But if I want a joyful, peaceful, honest, kind and respectful environment around me, I have to live by example.
It’s not easy and often my ego gets in the way and wants to react. But it’s “just” my ego talking. As long as I know that I do my work honestly and to the best of my ability, I have peace of mind. Most people know when they are doing wrong. And they need to figure it out by themselves, that there’s another way of being and behaving. We can’t change people. We can only lead by example. And, unfortunately, not everybody wants to change.
Ghandi has been a great inspiration to me. He gives me strength, hope and the desire to persevere when I feel I need it. I’m forever grateful to him.
RIP Ghandi

How has practising Reiki changed my life?


How has practising Reiki changed my life?

After suffering from yet another episode of depression and anxiety attacks in my late twenties, doctors, again, wanted to fob me off with tablets. I was desperate to find an alternative way. I wanted to take back control of my life without ingesting chemicals. And I wanted a permanent change, not just a bandaid. I looked for courses that would teach me how to self-heal because books can only get you so far. I saw a Reiki Course advertised and something inside me said “go for it”. So I did.
Learning about my own energy levels and centres (Chakras) and how my personal energy can affect my surroundings was mind blowing. It also showed me how to protect myself from outside energies, to keep me “sane” in this sometimes crazy world. This was particularly useful when living in London and working with challenged youngsters as a full-time teacher and health worker. With Reiki, I managed to reach a higher perspective which has helped me to heal what happened in my past and made me enjoy life more in the present.
Reiki allowed me to see the connections of events in my life and taught me how I can influence my future for the better (Law of Attraction).
Reiki is logical and very real, as you can actually feel the energy in form of heat and tingling when channelling or receiving it. And the beauty of it is that you don’t have to subscribe to anything or anyone. All you need is a willingness to heal which may mean to confront your own demons and having an open mind.
I’ve always suffered from cold hands and feet.
When I lay on my hands when intending to give Reiki, either on my own body or hover over someone else’s, I can feel the heat coming through them.
That for me was proof that something was definitely happening here. I give Reiki to myself every night and to other people and beings, every day either in person or over distance healing.
One thing I’ve learned is that distance and time don’t really exist when giving Reiki. Everything is always connected. That’s why I, and everybody, can connect with someone who’s not visibly in front of us. Just like Whatsapp, but energetically. It’s tough to get your head around it, but it works.
I haven’t suffered from panic attacks ever since I did my Reiki course six years ago because I can read the signs early on and then allow myself to take a step back and reaI find it easier to accept things in my life and have also felt that my diet has changed naturally, which obviously has also had an impact on my mental health, going from omnivore gradually to vegan.
As a domino effect, I changed my job and the country I live in and now lead a very balanced, healthy and happy life.
Many of my clients have had similar experiences and the key has always been that they wanted to take back control of their lives. Reiki has been a kick-starter for many!
But it does take time. All major and deep changes take time.
I thank Mikao Usui Sensei and Michael Kaufman Sensei for bringing Reiki into my life. Namaste

Pamela Joy


The Beauty of Meditation

The beauty of meditation is that you can do it anywhere!
All you need is yourself! But I prefer being surrounded by nature, for sure. Over the last days we had so much wind, it was incredible. Wind is great because I’ve always felt that it literally blows my thoughts out of my head.
It’s easier to focus on the breath and simply be.
It cleanses my usually busy mind and refreshens it.
I’m so very grateful to live in paradise. 🙏🙏🙏


Teachings from Animals

Teachings from animals
Roy is one of our amazing dogs at the shelter.
When he arrived, he clearly hadn’t had much contact with other dogs or humans. Roy was constantly on edge, stared coldly and never wagged his tail. He would never sit or relax and occasionally behaved in an aggressive way. We can’t say for sure what past he’s had but I have a feeling that he was most likely used as a guard dog, chained up, never received any gentle touch and was just thrown left overs or bread to feed on.
A few months on, he’s a changed being!
He’s given all of us at the shelter, human- and dog animals, a new chance as well as himself. Every day he’s learned and opened up a little more. He wanted to fit in and managed to change his behaviour and open up his heart again.
Roy now comes for cuddles and loves going for walks. He has learned to socialise with other dogs and doesn’t react defensively.
Considering that about 4 years of his life (in human years 28 years) were quite dire, in less than three months he did a 180 degree turn. He’s been an inspiration to me, for sure. Roy reminded me that we can always change. It’s never too late. He’s one of my teachers that I shall always treasure. Roy’s still up for adoption and sponsorship or if you’d like to make his day and take him for a walk, get in touch and come to the shelter.
Today, I dedicate to Roy. xxx

Simply Flick the Switch

Some people have this fascinating ability to always find the negative in everything.

It can be the most beautiful sunny day, they will comment that they heard that it’s going to rain tomorrow. When you walk through a meadow full of wild blooming flowers, they will point out the stinging nettles and most likely walk right into them as well. Of course.
Of course there’s a root for their negative perspective. But sometimes, you don’t have to dig deep to try to find all the answers. Sometimes it’s enough to simply decide to only focus on the positive. It’s like changing the internal programme. The issue I often find is that people are quite happy in their little dark bubble. They are comfortable. Many also use it as an excuse for not doing something i.e. facing their fears, the truth or in order procrastinate doing work. Others prefer “the devil they know” and don’t believe they deserve any better.
If we allow ourselves to only look at the positive, however, or try and learn something out of challenging situations, life will become much lighter and brighter. It’s like putting on a different set of glasses.
This will also have an effect on our health. Positively thinking people tend to have a lower heart rate, heart problems and better digestion. Their immune system is also stronger because we constantly produce “happy” hormones and our body is relaxed.
The key is to turn a switch in your mind.
Meditation is a great way of learning how to do this. But the premise is always the DESIRE to flick the switch, our INTENTION.
Come to our April ReBoot Meditation & Vegan Treatto learn more about changing your perception glasses 🙂
Love & Light, Pamela Joy

For the Highest Good of All

Whenever Reiki is given, it is always for the highest Good of All whatever it may be. Most of the time, we lack the ability to see the bigger picture which is shaded by our Ego.
That’s why the Reiki Level 1 is mostly recommended for self-healing. Once we continue on the Reiki journey, we’ll slowly begin to gain awareness and our Ego becomes smaller and quieter.
For example, when we give Reiki to cancer patients, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will live longer. It may mean that they die faster because that’s the best path for them even though our Ego would want them to live forever.
On our continued Reiki journey, we’ll develop our 7th chakra more, the crown chakra aka Sahasrara, which allows us to gain a higher perspective of why things happen. We understand the cause and effect and can sense the wider connections between occurrences. At the same time, we become less attached to things and people.
Giving Reiki becomes a self-less act. It’s not about how good we are as Reiki practitioners, how much the recipient felt and if they felt more with other Reiki healers. The Ego may chat away but we’ve learned to just let it be. We trust that by what is happening, that it’s for the Highest Good of All.
Sometimes a client comes for the first time to a Reiki session and doesn’t return, saying that it didn’t do much for them. Yet often, when I ask them what happened after their Reiki session, they said they started a new hobby or got in touch with some old friends again or met new people; finally found a job or changed other aspects of their lives.
However, they felt that Reiki didn’t help them much.
When I first started out giving Reiki, I was really self-conscious and worried people wouldn’t feel anything and would feel like I had wasted their time. But now, I know that Reiki works in many different ways.
I now don’t have the need to convince clients’ that their sudden change in life-styles most likely had something to do with Reiki because they had allowed me to help them change their energy field. And that that was the reason they had attracted old friends again all of a sudden and ventured out starting new hobbies.
I know Reiki works even if I cannot always say in advance in what way exactly. But by always giving Reiki for the Highest Good of All, I know that even when somebody loses their job or their relationship ends, it is because there’s something better waiting for them. As said before, we don’t always see our lives from a higher perspective because we’re so Ego-centric.
So, are you ready for a Reiki Session which may change your life completely? All you need to do is allow for change to happen. And it’s a really good idea to look inside you and feel what kind of change you would love to experience.
Get in touch for more information or for booking a session.
Love & Light, Pamela Joy

Like Butterflies

I always feel very honoured to be part of my clients’ journeys when I see them go through their changes. Many arrive feeling all over the place, stressed, confused about their life, lost or scattered. But all are willing to change their situation. That’s why they find me (as I don’t advertise much). With every session, slowly, things fall back into their place. They seem to see the connections between different areas, people and events in their lives. Patterns emerge. Little epiphanies happen. And once their inner life is settling into a new and cleansed self, usually things on the outside world begin to change too.
New opportunities arise. New people cross their path. Unhelpful people leave. Life simply seems to flow better.
I’m under no illusion that the hardest work is done by my clients.
But I’m ever so grateful and joyful to be able to assist on a little part of their journey. Here’s to many more butterflies that have yet to come out of their cocoon! Love & Light, Pamela Joy