Reiki Distance Healing

Distance healing aka non-local or absentee healing
If you know of someone in need of healing but who lives too far away, remember that I offer distance healing.
Distance healing may sound a little odd but because we’re all connected through our energy fields, it is possible.
The Native Americans call it the “web of life” and scientists have names such as “matrix” or “holographic Universe” amongst others.
I’m sure all of us have had experiences with the web of life. For example, when you tried to call someone on the phone and they were calling you at exactly the same time without any prior arrangements. Or maybe you thought of a song and then they play it on the radio all of a sudden. Or maybe you and a friend start to speak at the same time and say exactly the same thing. Or maybe you and someone who lives far away both had a similar dream of each other. Perhaps you can sense that something good or bad is going to happen or has happened.There are endless examples. 

With the Reiki Level 2, you’ll learn how to treat people from a distance, no matter whether they live on the other side of the world or stand two metres away from you.
This type of healing is also useful when working with animals, who aren’t used to human touch yet.
If you’re interested in booking a distance healing session for yourself or for a loved one, please get in touch. Or if you have the Reiki Level 1 and are interested in the Level 2.
Love & Light, Pamela Joy

5 Little Steps to Inner Hamony

5 little steps to find your inner harmony and the rest of the world will have less influence on how you feel and think.
How can we create our inner harmony?
These 5 things can help you make a start:
1. Every morning, before you get up, think of at least five things that you’re grateful for, such as, being alive, having a roof over your head, getting some decent sleep, your football team winning the FA Cup, having a dog called George-Lucas etc. And in the evening, just before you’re about to fall asleep, do the same thing again.
2. Eat nutritious food and drink enough clean water.
3. Accept that you aren’t perfect. Own up to your defects and stop hiding them. I, for example, can be a very bad co-driver. I get impatient and irritated easily when people drive too slowly or take a route that takes longer. But I own up to the fact that it’s something I need to work on. Taking deep breaths usually does the trick…
4. Always act for the highest good of All. If something you do, effects your environment negatively, it’s no a good idea. Think of something else.
5. If you mess up, smile or laugh at yourself. And start again the next day. We often take ourselves too seriously. Humour heals!
Following those little steps for three weeks, will make you feel more balanced inside. Other people’s comments and actions will not affect you as badly as before. At the end of the day, we need to remember that we can’t change people. We can only change ourselves. And these 5 little steps, are a start. Enjoy!
Love & Light, Pamela Joy xx

Which Wolf are you going to feed?

Some Native American cultures say that we can choose to feed the good wolf or the bad wolf within us.
It’s true. We make choices to EITHER see the good in situations and in people and project optimism, compassion, kindness, love and light OR see the worst in everything, spreading envy, negativity, hatred, selfishness and unkindness.
Whatever wolf we choose to feed, creates our reality, our experience in this life.
Feed the bad wolf, we might get bitten. Feed the good wolf, we might have a companion and friend for the rest of our life.

Love & Light
Pamela Joy


Dipping into the interconnectedness
Sometimes the daily challenges of life can seem overwhelming. We feel that there are so many things to do, so many different people to deal with and so many expectations from society to fulfil.
Often we internalise our feelings and close up. Or we open up too much and our energy literally drains out of us.
If you feel disconnected from yourself and from others or completely empty of life energy, I can assist you to change that through Reiki. I help you reconnect, unblock, heal or close up depending on what you feel you need.
It can be as deep an experience as you wish it to be.
It can be a one off session or a journey.
It can be a new beginning of something or putting a final end to emotional unfinished business.
You are the Master of yourself but every Master needs some assistance sometimes 🙂
To book a Reiki session, simply send me a message.
Love & Light, Pamela Joy

Attuned to the Universe

When we are in tune with the Universe, we see signs and the inter-connectedness of everything. Combined with wisdom, we act accordingly and everything seems to flow effortlessly.
For example, when we feel unsure about something, we may hear a song on the radio that re-assures us.
When we are short of money to buy food, someone may give us some fruit from their garden.
When we feel lonely, we may find a heart-shaped leaf on the ground, to show us that we are loved.
When we miss a friend, they may call us spontaneously on the same day.
All of us have experienced this synchronicity and it feels great.
Meditation, Reiki and walks in nature are great ways of re-connecting with ourselves and the Universe.
I’d love to hear from your experiences of synchronicity. 

Children – Our Teachers of Compassion and Kindness

Children, our teachers of compassion and kindness
Until we’re around three years old, we still hold a sense of curiosity, kindness and unconditional love for the beings around us. It is only when our parents/ guardians and later on our culture and religion begin to tell us that some animals are scary, ugly, undesirable or simply exist to be eaten, we start to change our behaviour, thoughts and feelings towards other living beings.
When we’re born, we consider all animals as equal. We wouldn’t intentionally harm them. We wouldn’t start trying to eat a chicken’s wing or skin a bunny. Instead, we’d most likely want to stroke and cuddle them. We wouldn’t squash an insect on purpose to kill them. We wouldn’t naturally suck a cow’s udder to drink milk. When we’re young, we don’t categorise other beings as being more valuable than others or think we’re better.
Yet, depending on what part of the planet we’re born in, we get taught that only animals, such as dogs, cats and horses have thoughts and feelings and that, as a result, it’s not okay to kill and eat them.
However, many of us consider chickens, cows and pigs not to be able to feel and think and use them therefore as source of food. I have chickens living freely and I can guarantee that they all have different personalities. 🙂
Practising Reiki and Meditation has helped me see the interconnection between all beings. It has helped me to get back in touch with my inner child. Through Reiki and Meditation I have experienced a “re-birth” and it has allowed me to experience every day life with a regained sense of curiosity, appreciation and gratitude for other beings, no matter how small or big, how many legs, wings or fins. And I’ve never been any healthier either!
I can only recommend to un-learn whatever the media and culture has taught us. Reconnect with your inner child and you’ll know what’s right and wrong, good and bad for you.
Re-discover your curiosity, love and compassion for the beings around you and you’ll get it back a thousand times fold.
It’s the only way to a better life.

Walking in the light

When we make the decision to walk in the light, the world seems brighter and we attract more light.
Walking in the light means to avoid assuming the worst of people and situations.
Walking in the light means to consider all living beings when we act, so that everyone benefits from our actions.
Walking in the light means avoiding gossip and letting other people’s negative energy bounce off.
Walking in the light means having an open heart and mind and expect the best of people.
Walking in the light means making the best out of challenging situations and people.
Walking in the light means wishing the highest good for every being, including ourselves and acting upon it.
When we start walking in the light, we will feel lighter; life seems lighter.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

The Mirror Experiment
The Law of Attraction says that by sending out certain energy, we attract situations and people.
It’s interesting to look at the people around us, especially the ones that we find challenging, and contemplate in what way we may have attracted them ourselves.
What aspects of them do we find challenging?
Do we have similar behaviour patterns?
Often we find that the things that annoy us about other people, are the behaviours we present ourselves. Let’s think of our parents. Sometimes it’s our closest friend or loved one that, one day, turns around and shouts accusingly “You’re just like your mother/father!” Embarrassingly, we come to realise, that there’s a seed of truth in it.
So, it’s time to face the reality! Look into all the mirrors around you! It takes courage to face at our imperfections and let go of shame and guilt. We are all perfectly imperfect!
It’ll make you more grounded and confident. Self-knowledge is empowering. Enjoy the experiment!

Let’s Talk about Sex, Baby

Regular meditation improves sexual pleasure
When practising mindfulness meditation, we practise being in the Here & Now. Thus, we become more aware of our physical sensations. We taste and smell better, our sense of touch is heightened etc. Everything seems more intense. The breathing can prolongue orgasms and can make them more profound and powerful.
Our sexuality is part of being a human animal and plays an important role in maintaining good health.
So, if you feel that your sex life has started to become a little monotonous, maybe practising meditation 10-20 minutes a day, can make a huge difference to your sex life, whether alone or with a partner or more partners. With time, you’ll find it easier to let go of thoughts and feelings and just enjoy being in the moment whenever and wherever you are.
Who would have thought that meditation can be sexy, right?

Are you balanced within yourself?

What does it feel like when we are balanced?
Sometimes we live a long time in an unbalanced state. So long, that we forget what it actually means and feels like to be in complete harmony.
When we’re balanced, we’re grounded like a tree, so that when life’s challenges hit us, and they will at some point, we stay strong. We may wobble a bit but keep our feet on the ground, nevertheles. We manifest abundance and have no fear of not having “enough” of anything. We’re content with what we have.
We are attuned to our feelings and use creative ways to channel them.
Our gut feeling is strong and we follow it which prevents unhealthy relationships and putting ourselves in tricky situations.
We are joyful, energetic and value ourselves, so that we fulfil our dream and not let people take advantage of us.
We know our weaknesses and strengths and neither are we ashamed of them nor are we arrogant or feel superior to other beings.
We can love unconditionally because we have enough self-love and know our own worth. We are empathic, compassionate and respectful towards other beings.
We can express our feelings, thoughts and ideas freely and truthfully in different ways.
We live in the Here & Now and don’t hold past experiences and worries about the future inside.
We feel light and flexible.
We let go of fear and have a clear vision of who we are and what we need.
We are attuned to the subtle energies and can almost foretell what people are all about and how to interpret situations quickly or their outcome before they happen.
We can tell when something is going to happen, for example, when someone is going to call.
We’re not scared of death because we accept that it’s part of the great circle of life.
We know what we’re meant to do in this life and see a reason and purpose of why things happen. 

So, are you balanced? 🙂
It’s definitely a daily challenge, isn’t it?