Children, our teachers of compassion and kindness

Children, our teachers of compassion and kindness
Until we’re around three years old, we still hold a sense of curiosity, kindness and unconditional love for the beings around us. It is only when our parents/ guardians and later on our culture and religion begin to tell us that some animals are scary, ugly, undesirable or simply exist to be eaten, we start to change our behaviour, thoughts and feelings towards other living beings.
When we’re born, we consider all animals as equal. We wouldn’t intentionally harm them. We wouldn’t start trying to eat a chicken’s wing or skin a bunny. Instead, we’d most likely want to stroke and cuddle them. We wouldn’t squash an insect on purpose to kill them. We wouldn’t naturally suck a cow’s udder to drink milk. When we’re young, we don’t categorise other beings as being more valuable than others or think we’re better.
Yet, depending on what part of the planet we’re born in, we get taught that only animals, such as dogs, cats and horses have thoughts and feelings and that, as a result, it’s not okay to kill and eat them.
However, many of us consider chickens, cows and pigs not to be able to feel and think and use them therefore as source of food. I have chickens living freely and I can guarantee that they all have different personalities. 🙂
Practising Reiki and Meditation has helped me see the interconnection between all beings. It has helped me to get back in touch with my inner child. Through Reiki and Meditation I have experienced a “re-birth” and it has allowed me to experience every day life with a regained sense of curiosity, appreciation and gratitude for other beings, no matter how small or big, how many legs, wings or fins. And I’ve never been any healthier either!
I can only recommend to un-learn whatever the media and culture has taught us. Reconnect with your inner child and you’ll know what’s right and wrong, good and bad for you.
Re-discover your curiosity, love and compassion for the beings around you and you’ll get it back a thousand times fold.
It’s the only way to a better life.