My services


Usui Reiki (“Rei” is Japanese for “universal” and “ki” means “life force, energy”) is an ancient way of natural healing. Contrary to public perception, Reiki does not necessarily entail the laying on of hands, as it works with the recipient’s energy field (aura). The recipient is fully clothed and can either choose to sit on a chair or lie down on a treatment table. I use my hands to channel the Reiki and the client simply has to receive.

Reiki is different for everybody and always works for the recipient’s highest good. It helps with the healing of anxiety, depression, aches, traumas, stress and reduces the side effects of, for example, chemotherapy. Its effects can set in immediately or after a few days and can stay with the client for a long time.

I also work with animals that suffer from anxiety, fear or that have been traumatised and volunteer in a local dog rescue shelter (see photo). Reiki is very effective for animals which have recently been adopted and helps them to settle into their new forever homes. Animals usually are more receptive to Reiki, as their minds are less busy than that of their human companions.

A one hour Reiki session is 30 Euros.

A certified Usui Reiki Course is 135 Euros (includes booklet and certificate and usually lasts a full day)

Bach Flower Remedies

Are you suffering from an unknown fear or do you have an underlying feeling of anger? Are you a chronic procrastinator or always stressed and never stop? Or maybe you’re feeling a lack of energy and can’t get things done?

Feelings often seem to prevent us from leading a balanced and happy  life. Bach Flowers are a natural way to heal our imbalances that may cause physical, emotional or/and mental dis-eases when left untreated.

You may know the famous “Rescue Remedy” that is a mixture of various Bach Flowers to help with feelings of anxiety, stress and unrest. I usually give it to my dog three days before New Year’s Eve to help her cope with the fireworks which scare her tremendously!

I invite you to prepare your own Bach Flower Remedy with my assistance.

35 Euros (Session usually takes at least one hour and includes your personal bottle of remedy to take home).


Meditation is great practice to be in the Here & Now. There are many different ways to meditate, from sitting in one position, to singing, laughing and walking. Most people crave meditation nowadays to find some peace in their busy lives. Some of the many benefits of meditation are a general feeling of being more grounded, alive, peaceful, energetic, patient, joyful and relaxed. And who wouldn’t want that?

I offer one-to-one meditation sessions and also group meditations as part of our ReBoot Meditation & Vegan Treat project.

Depending on your needs, I offer mindfulness meditations, visualisations and journeying. Meditation lengths vary and most of my clients wish to learn techniques that they can easily apply in their everyday life. Others may wish to do one extended meditation to either relax or get in touch with their spiritual guides. I usually guide the meditation and include a chat before and after, a “check-in” and “check-out”.

Individual 1 hour meditation session is 30 Euros.

ReBoot group meditation is  15 Euros (1 hour of meditation & Vegan Treat after)


My treatment room is a safe and isolated bubble where my clients and I usually sit on a rug, with cushions, incense and a bag of tissues (if needed).

It’s a place for you to just BE or offload your baggage. I can assist you to spot patterns in your life and find better ways of dealing with situations and people. I may use a variation of techniques drawing from shamanism, Reiki and modern life coaching to assist you on your healing journey.

Some of my clients come once a week and others when they just need a space to breathe and touch base again. Again, you’ll know best what’s best for you.

One hour mentoring session is 30 Euros

Shamanic Rituals

I’ve always felt very connected to nature and already as a child I invented and performed my own rituals. Rituals can be a great way to connect with yourself and Mother Nature and all our Relations. When tuning in to our natural environment, we can learn how to read nature; her signs and teachings; and can receive guidance to help us on our individual journey.

With my clients I tend to do rituals that help cleansing, practising gratitude, connecting with their spirit guides and future projection. Rituals can be a very powerful experience, something different from the usual western therapy session and I often use drums, smudge sticks, rocks and cards.

Rituals waken up our spirit and open up our heart. They help us face our own truth and take away our blindness to the beauty within and outside ourselves.

A one-to-one session (1 hour) 30 Euros.

I occasionally do FREE group ceremonies, such a New Moon and Full Moon Ceremonies as well as Energy healing Circles. Look out on my Facebook page for events.