Scientific Studies

Reiki in Spanish Hospitals

The effectiveness of Reiki continues to be proved in hospitals all over the world and in this case, in Albacete, Spain. 128 patients who received regular Reiki treatments showed that they were calmer, needed fewer sedatives and reduced hours on the breathing machine in comparison to the other 128 patients who didn’t receive Reiki.

Hopefully soon Reiki will be introduced into every hospital in the world!

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Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr. Masaru 

Every thought and feeling we hold impacts our environment on a molecular level.

Scientific experiments undertaken over the last 50 years all over the world have proven that, for example, photons behave differently whether observed or not. Water crystallises differently depending on the type of music and thoughts and feelings it was exposed to.

Thoughts and feelings create something similar to electric impulses, energy. So by thinking and feeling, we create energy. Energy moves and impacts things. Because we are made up mostly by water, imagine the positive changes we could all create for ourselves if we allowed mainly positive thoughts and healthy feelings in ourselves and sent those to other people?
AND it doesn’t cost any money either.
Why do you think people have prayed and meditated for hundreds of years?
Because it works.
The reason why there isn’t a lot of promotion about the results of these experiments is that a lot of people could lose a lot of money.
Thoughts and feelings are free of charge.
So speak wisely and truthfully from now on and only wish those things for yourself that you would wish for the rest of the world.
Let it be Love, Harmony, Health, Peace, Abundance, Truth, Courage, Inspiration, Fulfilment, Higher Awareness, Joy and Balance.

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Reiki to reduce depression and stress

Shore (2004) showed that 30 people needing treatment for mild depression or stress, and who received hands-on Reiki or distance Reiki once a week for six weeks, experienced significant reduction of mild depression and stress and the beneficial effects lasted for at least one year following treatment.

The measures used in this experiment were the Beck Depression Inventory, the Beck Hopelessness Scale, and the Perceived Stress Scale. The 15 patients in the sham distance Reiki group who were told they would receive distance Reiki but actually did not, reported no significant change in their depression or stress.

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