5 Little Steps to Inner Hamony

5 little steps to find your inner harmony and the rest of the world will have less influence on how you feel and think.
How can we create our inner harmony?
These 5 things can help you make a start:
1. Every morning, before you get up, think of at least five things that you’re grateful for, such as, being alive, having a roof over your head, getting some decent sleep, your football team winning the FA Cup, having a dog called George-Lucas etc. And in the evening, just before¬†you’re about to fall asleep, do the same thing again.
2. Eat nutritious food and drink enough clean water.
3. Accept that you aren’t perfect. Own up to your defects and stop hiding them. I, for example, can be a very bad co-driver. I get impatient and irritated easily when people drive too slowly or take a route that takes longer. But I own up to the fact that it’s something I need to work on. Taking deep breaths usually does the trick…
4. Always act for the highest good of All. If something you do, effects your environment negatively, it’s no a good idea. Think of something else.
5. If you mess up, smile or laugh at yourself. And start again the next day. We often take ourselves too seriously. Humour heals!
Following those little steps for three weeks, will make you feel more balanced inside. Other people’s comments and actions will not affect you as badly as before. At the end of the day, we need to remember that we can’t change people. We can only change ourselves. And these 5 little steps, are a start. Enjoy!
Love & Light, Pamela Joy xx

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