Are you balanced within yourself?

What does it feel like when we are balanced?
Sometimes we live a long time in an unbalanced state. So long, that we forget what it actually means and feels like to be in complete harmony.
When we’re balanced, we’re grounded like a tree, so that when life’s challenges hit us, and they will at some point, we stay strong. We may wobble a bit but keep our feet on the ground, nevertheles. We manifest abundance and have no fear of not having “enough” of anything. We’re content with what we have.
We are attuned to our feelings and use creative ways to channel them.
Our gut feeling is strong and we follow it which prevents unhealthy relationships and putting ourselves in tricky situations.
We are joyful, energetic and value ourselves, so that we fulfil our dream and not let people take advantage of us.
We know our weaknesses and strengths and neither are we ashamed of them nor are we arrogant or feel superior to other beings.
We can love unconditionally because we have enough self-love and know our own worth. We are empathic, compassionate and respectful towards other beings.
We can express our feelings, thoughts and ideas freely and truthfully in different ways.
We live in the Here & Now and don’t hold past experiences and worries about the future inside.
We feel light and flexible.
We let go of fear and have a clear vision of who we are and what we need.
We are attuned to the subtle energies and can almost foretell what people are all about and how to interpret situations quickly or their outcome before they happen.
We can tell when something is going to happen, for example, when someone is going to call.
We’re not scared of death because we accept that it’s part of the great circle of life.
We know what we’re meant to do in this life and see a reason and purpose of why things happen. 

So, are you balanced? 🙂
It’s definitely a daily challenge, isn’t it?

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