Be the Change you want to see – Ghandi

“Be the change you want to see.” Ghandi
How does that translate into our everyday life?
We’ve all experienced situations where people challenge our patience, good will and kindness, whether at work, in our circle of friends or relatives.
It can be very difficult not to take their actions personally and to maintain a higher perspective. Often other people offer their opinion and get involved, suggesting we should defend ourselves and give them a good telling off.
But acting defensively or retaliating isn’t always exactly helpful.
If we want a peaceful and kind environment, we need to act accordingly. Remembering that often there often is a story behind a person’s constant provocative behaviour, a behaviour pattern that might have been learned as a young person or child and that needs to change.
If we follow the same pattern and react as the person expects us to, we’re not actually helping the situation, the person or ourselves. We need to find a different way.
I suggest, if we want them to be kinder to us, we ‘bombard’ them with kindness. This will break their behaviour pattern and, with time, will hopefully create a new one. Talking from my own experience, this works with children and adults. Do the unexpected which will stop them in their tracks or will, at least, provoke some thought about their actions.
Change takes time, so I never expect a 180 degree turn around the next day. But if I want a joyful, peaceful, honest, kind and respectful environment around me, I have to live by example.
It’s not easy and often my ego gets in the way and wants to react. But it’s “just” my ego talking. As long as I know that I do my work honestly and to the best of my ability, I have peace of mind. Most people know when they are doing wrong. And they need to figure it out by themselves, that there’s another way of being and behaving. We can’t change people. We can only lead by example. And, unfortunately, not everybody wants to change.
Ghandi has been a great inspiration to me. He gives me strength, hope and the desire to persevere when I feel I need it. I’m forever grateful to him.
RIP Ghandi

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