For the Highest Good of All

Whenever Reiki is given, it is always for the highest Good of All whatever it may be. Most of the time, we lack the ability to see the bigger picture which is shaded by our Ego.
That’s why the Reiki Level 1 is mostly recommended for self-healing. Once we continue on the Reiki journey, we’ll slowly begin to gain awareness and our Ego becomes smaller and quieter.
For example, when we give Reiki to cancer patients, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will live longer. It may mean that they die faster because that’s the best path for them even though our Ego would want them to live forever.
On our continued Reiki journey, we’ll develop our 7th chakra more, the crown chakra aka Sahasrara, which allows us to gain a higher perspective of why things happen. We understand the cause and effect and can sense the wider connections between occurrences. At the same time, we become less attached to things and people.
Giving Reiki becomes a self-less act. It’s not about how good we are as Reiki practitioners, how much the recipient felt and if they felt more with other Reiki healers. The Ego may chat away but we’ve learned to just let it be. We trust that by what is happening, that it’s for the Highest Good of All.
Sometimes a client comes for the first time to a Reiki session and doesn’t return, saying that it didn’t do much for them. Yet often, when I ask them what happened after their Reiki session, they said they started a new hobby or got in touch with some old friends again or met new people; finally found a job or changed other aspects of their lives.
However, they felt that Reiki didn’t help them much.
When I first started out giving Reiki, I was really self-conscious and worried people wouldn’t feel anything and would feel like I had wasted their time. But now, I know that Reiki works in many different ways.
I now don’t have the need to convince clients’ that their sudden change in life-styles most likely had something to do with Reiki because they had allowed me to help them change their energy field. And that that was the reason they had attracted old friends again all of a sudden and ventured out starting new hobbies.
I know Reiki works even if I cannot always say in advance in what way exactly. But by always giving Reiki for the Highest Good of All, I know that even when somebody loses their job or their relationship ends, it is because there’s something better waiting for them. As said before, we don’t always see our lives from a higher perspective because we’re so Ego-centric.
So, are you ready for a Reiki Session which may change your life completely? All you need to do is allow for change to happen. And it’s a really good idea to look inside you and feel what kind of change you would love to experience.
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Love & Light, Pamela Joy

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