Dipping into the interconnectedness
Sometimes the daily challenges of life can seem overwhelming. We feel that there are so many things to do, so many different people to deal with and so many expectations from society to fulfil.
Often we internalise our feelings and close up. Or we open up too much and our energy literally drains out of us.
If you feel disconnected from yourself and from others or completely empty of life energy, I can assist you to change that through Reiki. I help you reconnect, unblock, heal or close up depending on what you feel you need.
It can be as deep an experience as you wish it to be.
It can be a one off session or a journey.
It can be a new beginning of something or putting a final end to emotional unfinished business.
You are the Master of yourself but every Master needs some assistance sometimes 🙂
To book a Reiki session, simply send me a message.
Love & Light, Pamela Joy

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