Be the kind of person you’d like to meet

We are sending and receiving energy all the time through our thoughts and feelings we project.
If we try to only speak positively about people and choose to avoid talking about people’s flaws and shortcomings because we know that we also make mistakes and aren’t perfect either, we will slowly see a change in behaviour and attitudes towards us.
Some people, the gossipers, will most likely disappear with time, as they enjoy gossiping so much and are caught in their negative circle. They will get bored and frustrated with us, because we no longer take part in their dramas.
And we will attract more genuine and positive people who, in exchange, will make us feel even more positive, joyful and excited about life.
When I was suffering from depression, within a week of moving to a new place, I had attracted other depressed people. Our conversations were mainly about our past experiences and how tough life had been for us. We bathed in self-pity. And for a while that seemed comforting and safe, as I had made “friends” that could empathise with my situation.
However, there came a moment when I realised that our group of people didn’t really seem to want to heal. We were constantly comparing therapies, different types of medication etc and it seemed like a type of competitions at times about who was worse off. Then, all of a sudden, I woke up. I wanted to heal. So I decided to leave that group of people and stopped talking about my “condition”. I surrounded myself with seemingly happier people who had different dialogues and enjoyed different activities. Slowly, I was making new memories and with help of books and meditation, I came out of my dark hole.
I learned a lot about my power of attracting certain types of people, depending on my own state of mind and intentions.
It’s very helpful to have in mind what we’d like to experience and what kind of people we would love to have in our lives.
Be the person you’d want to be with, is the easiest way of putting it, I guess.

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