Like Butterflies

I always feel very honoured to be part of my clients’ journeys when I see them go through their changes. Many arrive feeling all over the place, stressed, confused about their life, lost or scattered. But all are willing to change their situation. That’s why they find me (as I don’t advertise much). With every session, slowly, things fall back into their place. They seem to see the connections between different areas, people and events in their lives. Patterns emerge. Little¬†epiphanies happen. And once their inner life is settling into a new and cleansed self, usually things on the outside world begin to change too.
New opportunities arise. New people cross their path. Unhelpful people leave. Life simply seems to flow better.
I’m under no illusion that the hardest work is done by my clients.
But I’m ever so grateful and joyful to be able to assist on a little part of their journey. Here’s to many more butterflies that have yet to come out of their cocoon! Love & Light, Pamela Joy

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