Mirror Mirror on the Wall

The Mirror Experiment
The Law of Attraction says that by sending out certain energy, we attract situations and people.
It’s interesting to look at the people around us, especially the ones that we find challenging, and contemplate in what way we may have attracted them ourselves.
What aspects of them do we find challenging?
Do we have similar behaviour patterns?
Often we find that the things that annoy us about other people, are the behaviours we present ourselves. Let’s think of our parents. Sometimes it’s our closest friend or loved one that, one day, turns around and shouts accusingly “You’re just like your mother/father!” Embarrassingly, we come to realise, that there’s a seed of truth in it.
So, it’s time to face the reality! Look into all the mirrors around you! It takes courage to face at our imperfections and let go of shame and guilt. We are all perfectly imperfect!
It’ll make you more grounded and confident. Self-knowledge is empowering. Enjoy the experiment!

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