Reiki Distance Healing

Distance healing aka non-local or absentee healing
If you know of someone in need of healing but who lives too far away, remember that I offer distance healing.
Distance healing may sound a little odd but because we’re all connected through our energy fields, it is possible.
The Native Americans call it the “web of life” and scientists have names such as “matrix” or “holographic Universe” amongst others.
I’m sure all of us have had experiences with the web of life. For example, when you tried to call someone on the phone and they were calling you at exactly the same time without any prior arrangements. Or maybe you thought of a song and then they play it on the radio all of a sudden. Or maybe you and a friend start to speak at the same time and say exactly the same thing. Or maybe you and someone who lives far away both had a similar dream of each other. Perhaps you can sense that something good or bad is going to happen or has happened.There are endless examples. 

With the Reiki Level 2, you’ll learn how to treat people from a distance, no matter whether they live on the other side of the world or stand two metres away from you.
This type of healing is also useful when working with animals, who aren’t used to human touch yet.
If you’re interested in booking a distance healing session for yourself or for a loved one, please get in touch. Or if you have the Reiki Level 1 and are interested in the Level 2.
Love & Light, Pamela Joy

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