Simply Flick the Switch

Some people have this fascinating ability to always find the negative in everything.

It can be the most beautiful sunny day, they will comment that they heard that it’s going to rain tomorrow. When you walk through a meadow full of wild blooming flowers, they will point out the stinging nettles and most likely walk right into them as well. Of course.
Of course there’s a root for their negative perspective. But sometimes, you don’t have to dig deep to try to find all the answers. Sometimes it’s enough to simply decide to only focus on the positive. It’s like changing the internal programme. The issue I often find is that people are quite happy in their little dark bubble. They are comfortable. Many also use it as an excuse for not doing something i.e. facing their fears, the truth or in order procrastinate doing work. Others prefer “the devil they know” and don’t believe they deserve any better.
If we allow ourselves to only look at the positive, however, or try and learn something out of challenging situations, life will become much lighter and brighter. It’s like putting on a different set of glasses.
This will also have an effect on our health. Positively thinking people tend to have a lower heart rate, heart problems and better digestion. Their immune system is also stronger because we constantly produce “happy” hormones and our body is relaxed.
The key is to turn a switch in your mind.
Meditation is a great way of learning how to do this. But the premise is always the DESIRE to flick the switch, our INTENTION.
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Love & Light, Pamela Joy

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