Teachings from Animals

Teachings from animals
Roy is one of our amazing dogs at the shelter.
When he arrived, he clearly hadn’t had much contact with other dogs or humans. Roy was constantly on edge, stared coldly and never wagged his tail. He would never sit or relax and occasionally behaved in an aggressive way. We can’t say for sure what past he’s had but I have a feeling that he was most likely used as a guard dog, chained up, never received any gentle touch and was just thrown left overs or bread to feed on.
A few months on, he’s a changed being!
He’s given all of us at the shelter, human- and dog animals, a new chance as well as himself. Every day he’s learned and opened up a little more. He wanted to fit in and managed to change his behaviour and open up his heart again.
Roy now comes for cuddles and loves going for walks. He has learned to socialise with other dogs and doesn’t react defensively.
Considering that about 4 years of his life (in human years 28 years) were quite dire, in less than three months he did a 180 degree turn. He’s been an inspiration to me, for sure. Roy reminded me that we can always change. It’s never too late. He’s one of my teachers that I shall always treasure. Roy’s still up for adoption and sponsorship or if you’d like to make his day and take him for a walk, get in touch and come to the shelter.
Today, I dedicate to Roy. xxx

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