The Meaning of Life

The whole point of living is to create and enjoy the world around us, through our senses.
So just for today, DO something you find fulfilling;
SMELL something that makes you feel good all over;
TASTE something you find delicious and makes you go Yummmmm;
LISTEN to your favourite sounds whether birds or some special music, your own heartbeat or somebody’s voice you love to hear.
Wear some clothes that feel great on your skin or sleep under your favourite duvet. Stroke or TOUCH an animal or your loved one (including yourself) in the way it makes you go Ahhhhh (of course with their permission).
LOOK at colours and photos that evoke feelings of joy, laughter and happiness. Or watch a film or go for a walk and look at the natural beauty of nature.
Six little ways that ensure everyday happiness, joy and fulfilment and can’t be bought with money. 🙂
Love & Light, Pamela Joy

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